Peace + Calm IT DOWN

Y’all. I don’t know about your kids, but we are soooo close to the end of the school year. My children have decided that now is the perfect time to drive me to drink. Im kidding…obviously…but between testing at school, the start of swim clinics, the longest season in gymnastics history of-the-entire-whole-wide-world-for-the-love-is-it-over-yet, and spring trying to slowly turn into summer without our hot natured Georgia bodies getting the chance to properly adjust to the humidity and inevitable sweat…I’m done. This beautiful, life-giving, wonder bottle contains Peace and Calming oil and let me just tell you…do whatever you have to so you get this bottle in your hands. I add it to unscented lotion and slather it on at night before bed. I will fill kiddo diffusers so they get super good rest. I just hold the bottle and huff…whatever it takes. Bottoms of feet, top of head, rub through the ends of my hair (talk about a travel diffuser! 😉 ), in my palms, everywhere…I have this everywhere! Basically just find me, hug me, and I will be your own personal diffuser til school is out mid-May. *insert hunger games hand signal here  We can do this, friends. We can do this. <3

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