Before & After: Spring with Savvy Minerals

I can’t wait for summer because my skim loves this time of year! The heat, humidity, and extra sunshine give my face a warm, dewy,  glow and makeup becomes optional in my day to day.

*** Ummm…not that you EVER have to feel like makeup is necessary to be beautiful…but I really love wearing it so… I only use the good stuff.

Two years ago I was stuck in a really bad spot hormonally. My cycle was off and I was a wreck emotionally because of it. I spent months feeling locked in my house and it was miserable. My closest friends were my rocks during that time because I had no answers and nothing felt normal and had it not been for their willingness to literally cover me at times, I don’t know what I would have done. And my husband…my sweet husband…he bore the brunt of it all and was the biggest advocate I had pushing me to figure it all out. I’m really grateful for my doctor during that time too…it was all just the no fun.  If you want to talk more, comment here and let me know…I will share all the things. What we were able to realize during the process of trying to figure out what was going on was that I used a lot of chemicals…in a lot of different ways. What I put on my clothes that touched my skin all day (our largest organ!)…chemicals and crap. What I cleaned dishes with…chemicals and crap. What I put on my face and let my daughter play in…chemicals and crap. And I was over it.

A surgery and total dump of all my cosmetics lead me to Young Living’s Savvy Minerals. I have always loved mineral makeup but I didn’t like how it seemed to get stuck in the lines of my face and made me look older. Savvy Minerals is different than other mineral based makeups I have used before! It’s even more soft and light  than other brands and I can layer it to give myself lots of coverage or just do a quick 5 minute face and it feels like I have nothing on. The rose misting spray transforms the mineral powder to liquid and sets as a powder…it looks so soft and pretty on, y’all…AND no accentuating fine lines either!

It’s not summer yet but I’m already starting to practice my “barely there” look and I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to have cosmetics that are good for my face/skin in general…good for the planet (vegan/no unfair wages paid or child labor used in the harvesting of the minerals themselves/no toxic junk at all) and really good for my mama heart because I can let my girl use anything in my makeup bag without feeling like I’m exposing her to stuff that could hurt her. Obsessed. I’m obsessed.

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