Are we doing this or what?

Mixing metals…yay or nay? I couldn’t make up my mind so I just picked all of them. I admittedly have no idea when I’m doing when it comes to decorating this house but I really love the look of mixing metals. We have darker gold brushed mirrors, brushed nickel faucets, and I added lighter gold frames on the brick wall back there too. Darker woods that match beams hung in the living room, lighter walls, and ample amounts of wrought iron to tie this house all together. I have mentioned that this place feels like it can’t be tamed… like it has a mind of it’s own… so maybe I just need to let it decorate itself. One print hung here…one light placed here…one table set here…until it tells me it’s finished. For some reason I feel like that would work really well here. <3

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