Protein powder and peppermint all day!

Friends…if you are a fan of protein shakes, this is seriously my favorite protein ever. I hate how chalky and thick and weird most protein supplements taste. They feel so thick they can never really get cold and honestly, I end up feeling gross with a weird film in my mouth after drinking them. Bleh. A few years ago I decided to grab this chocolate pure complete and it is amazing! It has goat, whey, hemp, pea, and egg protein and every serving gets 25grams. My favorite thing to do is blend it up with chocolate (unsweetened usually) almond milk and a few drops of peppermint vitality. I drink it for breakfast or after a workout and let me tell you…its SO freakin good! Add left over coffee from the morning too for crazy good frozen peppermint mocha vibe. So much better than anything I could buy at a coffee shop!

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