But why…?

This week I had a friend ask me why I use oils all the time. She understood about using them to help with certain things…a skinned knee…a little head tension…cleaning my countertops…but she didn’t understand why I have so many and why I talk about them all the time so I thought I’d share. When I started with oils 3 years ago had no idea what I was getting into. It only took about 3 weeks of me experiencing that they actually worked and I could function without chewing on decongestants and headache pills all day long. After they helped with the things that I originally bought them for…I tested out the long game issues like supporting my hormones and helping my kids sleep better so they’d stay in their beds all night long. Check and check…they did it. Then I had a few really really hard emotional situations hit me like cinder blocks to the chest and as I was clutching my Bible and begging for peace, I grabbed my valor and white angelica and felt so much relief. And then..and then…and then…I could go on and on with the “and then’s” of how these oils just continued to help support my mind, body, and heart. I went on a lot of mission trips as a kid and I remember being in the Philippines once and feeling extremely home sick in the middle of downtown Manila. My heart ached for anything that felt familiar. We were walking down a dark corridor and stumbled upon a Starbucks in the middle of the city and I walked in, grabbed my regular coffee order, and immediately felt like I was home. So silly, right? But that kind of feeling…the feeling of familiar comfort…that’s why I use my oils everyday. That’s why I fill my home with them and that’s why I share them so much. I believe in the awesome, powerful, really cool things that they can do..but I also think we could all use a little more familiar comfort and our bodies recognize that we need that too. How God made our bodies and uses plants to help connect our hearts and minds just blows me away. I’ll never stop talking about oils. I’ll never stop sharing them because I WANT others to be equipped so they can experience the good stuff too. I’m just too grateful to be quiet. 🤍

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