Forever making this house a home

Crooked chairs and the teeniest little fiddle fig make this one of my favorite rooms in our home. This summer while my girl @carolgoodsell and I were shopping in Atlanta on a work break, I saw this gorgeous light fixture in @crateandbarrel and fell in love! Our house is so weird and it just felt off for things to match too much around here…our former light fixture, though I LOVED it, just didn’t feel like it fit. So…we did it. We bought the light and I have zero regrets! It’s so beautiful and the light is much softer and it paints the dreamiest picture on our ceiling at night. We still need to patch two little screw holes from the last light but…all in all, I’m obsessed with this basket light. I’m terrible (like…for real terrible )at interior design but I’m learning that if you can make a space feel more homey for YOU…that’s all that matters. ❤️❤️❤️

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