Focusing on the ONE thing.

This morning I got an update on Rileys grades at school. We get little notifications when teachers update their grade books and I like to check in on it so I know if he has all his assignments turned in on time. My boy is just blowing me away this year and when I saw the updates, I opened my email and drafted a message to him (he normally emails me at lunch most days to say hi so I knew he’d get it and feel good reading it) to let him know I was super proud of his hard work. I pressed send and then started typing a message to Anthony and my mom to encourage them to reach out with sweet messages to him too. But before I pressed send on those…I stopped myself. Here I go again, trying to make people communicate…trying to make other people do the thing that the Lord has gifted ME to do. Ingrained in the fibers of who I am is the desire to make people feel welcomed, encouraged, loved, wanted, and like someone is proud of them…I can’t ever shake that feeling. I can look at someone and hear just a tiny snippet of their heart and see the potential they have bursting at the seems within them. I can see a person struggling and discouraged and it feels like the Lord brings to my mind the very words they need to hear to remember the value of continuing to try. Lifting others up lights a fire in my heart like nothing else…and it encourages me just as much as it does them. So why do I try to give that gift away? We all have a part, friends. We all have a place. Some of us are the hands…doing the hard work with precision and swiftness. Some of us are the feet that help lead others to exactly where they need to go. Some of us are the mouths who speak life over the mission and soothe hearts along the way. We spend way too much time trying to be all the things that we forget how special it is to find JOY in the ONE thing. So I’ll remind you…like I reminded me this morning…focus on the thing you have been called to and stop trying give your gift away. No one will fit and impact others with YOUR gift the way YOU do so stop trying to dim your gift …that only leads to discouragement. You can do this…even if it means you’re the only one. 🥰

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