Not in the business of business as usual

This weekend was hard so I decided that the way I could best spend my time today was to work when my babies worked on school and keep some of the promises I made my girl this weekend. I told her she could make monkey bread and I would help once she finished for the day and I made good on that. I rolled that gluteny dough in my hands into perfectly imperfect balls that she dunked in butter and cinnamon sugar. I even let her be the one to put it in the oven. She let me pull it from the oven when it was finished, she gobbled down a few pieces before offering any to her brother. She was happy and proud and it made me feel like I accomplished something good today in-spite of not checking off much on my to do list. Sometimes you just gotta hit the pause button, friends. Cheering you on today whether you are gunning it or sitting this one out. ❤️

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