Forever my baby you’ll be

The years are short and the days are long and in a pandemic when all they’ve done is call me/ask me/touch me/need me all day long for ever and ever and ever and I have felt like it’s going to make me a crazy person…I look at their sweet little hands, that are almost as big as mine, and I am just so grateful. Don’t get me wrong…I have wanted to scream and run and hide under a rock a couple hundred times since last March, but the moments of sweetness that we get have done my heart so much good. I know I will miss this…which just makes me scramble to soak it all in as much as possible. Which feels frantic too…I mean…can I make ANY sense at all right now?! I guess this sums up parenthood, friends. You get so desperate for a minute to yourself and then when they grow up and leave you get so desperate for a minute of together. Praying I can soak it all in right now.

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