I’m Melissa! I'm just a girl who grew up feeling really unworthy but knowing I was made for more. I am proof that all it takes is believing what the right people have to say about you to change your whole life. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 16 years, building businesses that show women their value and worth and I wouldn't want it any other way. I spent a decade and a half behind a camera and the last several years pouring into the hearts of business women who are looking to build brands that spark joy, make the world better, and lead them to more fulfilled lives. Transformation is hard. Change can be brutal. But I am convinced that when we answer the calls we have over our lives, it's worth the fight to feel peace in what we do. That peace drives me. I didn't know what alignment was until a few years ago...I was just doing what I saw everyone else doing. That mind-sick mirroring got me nowhere. I am here so that you don't have to waste time filled with self doubt, fear, or worry because you've got too much good to put out into the world to be held back by any of that. 

I’ve been scared to evolve at times but years of growing successful businesses based on taking what some would consider ordinary and turning into something extraordinary has shown me that growing (and even changing!) doesn't have to be painful or bad like I had been taught. You can grow and do and SHINE without fear and I promise that once you really believe that, you will feel more fulfilled than ever as you grow and expand your business. Mindset shifts are possible. Consistency is possible. Being MORE you and creating from a place of confidence IS possible. And in fact, that's where the best parts of progress happen...in the confidence filled steps of walking in our gifts and callings. Our families are watching. Our children are watching. And I believe it's time we start showing them that the best, most beautiful, secure, strong, and brave way to grow businesses is by defining success on our own terms and building lives that fully reflect joy and peace. 

My goal is to be an encouragement others to step outside of their fear to chase dreams…it’s really uncomfortable but worth it. I love Jesus the most. I drink a lot of coffee. I am a 2w3 on the enneagram...married to the most solid 8 you've ever met in your life (he's my favorite human). I have two babies who are, in fact, a teenager and a preteen and being their mama is the actual best. They get even better with age...and I like to think I do too.  I love comfy blankets and buying books I will never finish reading. I used to hate eating alone but I'm starting to appreciate it. I LOVE nature...but from a distance. #indoorsy  I love feeding people and hospitality is my favorite way to show I love someone. I am all about building bigger tables and I'm the girl in the room who is going to make sure no one is left by themselves. I compliment strangers and my kids do it now too and it makes me so proud. I believe we all are made for something special and I love seeing people win. Oh...and 10/10 chance I WILL cry when the drum line kicks off a parade...any parade...I'm crying every time! 

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