I get excited over small things and when I put my mind to a task I can get borderline obsessed until its complete.

I love Jesus, my husband, our 2 beautiful children, and my family and friends more than anything in this whole world.

I was a wedding singer before I was a wedding photographer…and YES, I still love weddings.

To me, business IS personal.

My day cant start without coffee…seriously. Its my love language.

My husband, Anthony, is my dream come true. AND, he gave a beautiful baby boy and a beautiful baby girl who love their mama more than anything. I could literally squeeze them all all day.

My favorite color is gray. IT can be warm or cool, bold or really subtle. I just love it.

I really love people. I love hearing their stories and meeting them right where they are in life. I believe if you really LOVE someone, then you share the things that are most important to you with them and its those deeply rooted relationships that make my world go around.

We rarely eat dinner alone as a family of 4. If we aren’t feeding family its friends and amazing college students from our church. Give me ALL of the people!

I hate unanswered emails.

I love cold weather.

I want a simple life where I can serve Jesus, love and serve others, watch my family grow and get older, and help make perfectly imperfect memories for others with my camera. I love this life.

a little more about me...