I really love people. I love hearing peoples stories. I believe if you really love someone, then you share the things that are most important to your heart with them. I feel like deeply rooted relationships that make my world so much better. I believe people are capable of  much more than they realize and I feel called to be the loudest encourager of hearts. I have a huge desire to help women build businesses that not only provide for their families but empower them say "yes!" to dreams and ideas they've never been able to chase before. I believe its important to use the talents and gifts that you have been uniquely given and I will never be the one to stop a hustle...do you and do it well! I think we can take care of our selves better and I think we can do it naturally. I want essential oils in every home and believe that wellness is a right we should all have access to. I want a simple life where I can serve Jesus, love and serve others, watch my family grow older, and help make perfectly imperfect memories with the people I care about. In a world where less seems best, I want more. 

                                                                                              More Love
                                                                                              More Time
                                                                                              More Joy
                                                                                              More Silence
                                                                                              More Peace

I'm a 2 w/3 on the enneagram. My favorite essential oil is Jasmine and I've never turned down a cup of coffee ever. I'm so glad you are here...there is room at the table for you, my friend! 

a little more about me...